Excerpts from
By Penelope Diamanti
Photographs By William l. Allen

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Metal – Lynne Merchant

I like to understand the genesis of the objects I am working with so that I can

authenically honor them in my work.

Lynne Merchant

Champagne corks dressed in copper and embellished with wire, cones, caps, and tacks.

“Mad Max” reflects Merchant’s mastery of metal and wire techniques as well as her

interest in tribal jewelry.

Beach rocks caged in silver wire. Merchant learned many techniques on a seven-year

odyessy through Africa, Yemen, Persia, Afghanistan, India, and Nepal in the 70s.

“I started by immersing myself in the local culture…I demonstrated respect for their

way of life and it made a big difference.”

Coiled wire, exhibiting Merchant’s virtuosity with this medium, secures precious black

Tahitian pearls in “Wire Quagmire.” Merchant wants her “jewelry to have proper

movement; to be strong, wearable, and interesting.”